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Rev. Cain Berlinger was born in Ohio and raised in New York where he currently resides with his life partner Jack H. of 17 years and his ‘boi’ Thomas W.  of five years. He is a Fitness Trainer/ Massage Therapist and Life Coach. He has authored five books on health and fitness. He makes Palm Springs, Ca. his second home.

His Leather activist career began in the early 70’s. He has authored several published short stories of leather erotica in numerous kink, fetish and leather oriented magazines, both here and abroad and has been translated into Dutch and German. He has published two syndicated news columns including one online newsletter.

Cain has judged many regional, international and local Leather contests, that led him to producing MR EBONY LEATHER, a community serviced, Leather oriented contest geared specifically for all men of color, not just African Americans but Asians and Hispanics as well.

His further extensive leather bio, awards and accolades and more published works on the way, along with his many diversity panel appearances insures that he will remain one of the most celebrated African-American pioneers of the Leather Community.

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