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Richard Brookes

Richard has long been fascinated with the exotic, from ancient mysteries to present day developments in rocket science and space exploration.  His abiding interest in ancient cultures provided the impetus for his extensive research of Sumerian culture for "Seven Dreams of Inanna."

Born in the midwest, he grew up with a keen appreciaton for the powerful machinery of steam locomotives and racing automobiles. Pursuing his diverse interests, he majored in chemistry in college, then won accolades in architectural and auto racing photography, and eventualy found a niche as an insurance claims executive for property losses from fine arts to satellite systems in the space industry.

Now retired, he is finally developing a talent for writing that was evident from his earliest years, but was for many years relegated to a back burner. "Seven Dreams" is his first novel, written with his Czech writing partner, Jitka, through cyberspace collaboration. She lives in Bohemia and he lives in Sonoma County, California.

Jitka Saniova

Jitka was born in Pardubice, East Bohemia, 33 years ago. At the age of 24, she had her first book published (girl's romance), then followed up with collaborations with many magazines: Ty&Ja, Koktejl, Astro, Zena a Zivot, Vlasta.

In the last several years, she has published 10 books (mostly romance) and began to write in English. One of her short stories, "The fight", was published by RomanticBower last year.  Her greatest pleasure is writing fantasy.  In the past year, she has sent several stories to The Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy and several other famous US magazines.  So far she has gotten good criticism, admiration and encouragement.  Currently she is working to improve her English, and writes nearly every day.

She likes the seaside, reading, animals (dogs, wolves and dolphins are her favorites), travel, cinema and music, dreaming, sleeping (a typical Pisces!), and of course, writing!  That is her favorite hobby, and luckily became her profession.

Judy Loken

Judy was born on the East Coast, into a family that moved frequently and lived in both Europe and Asia, which instilled a fondness for other cultures and integrating diversity.

She  majored in Biology in college, and worked in that field for several years.  But the arts proved to be more interesting than biology labs, and she began to focus more on exhibiting her prize winning artwork, and eventually went back to school to study Fine Art.  She worked alternately as a biology tech and a photographer, while taking evening classes in video production and computer art.

These diverse skills eventually led to several years as a Media Specialist for NASA - Ames, in the Space Biology Program.  Today, she does graphic art and web design at home in Sonoma County, California, communicating with people all over the Globe via the Internet.


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