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Diary of the American Revolution, Vol. I

Diary of the American Revolution, Vol. II

Diary of the American Revolution

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The history of any great event is a worthwhile subject for study and the American Revolution was one of the greatest events of all of human existence. One would be hard pressed to find better examples of the arrogance of statism and the principled resoluteness of liberty. These pages present the day-to-day events of the Revolution in a unique manner: in the words of those who experienced them.  Eyewitnesses on every side of the conflict related their experiences through local newspapers and in their own diaries and letters. Frank Moore collected hundreds of those reports from over forty Whig and Tory newspapers, five collections of letters, and five diaries into the two volumes of _Diary of the American Revolution_ in 1858. Since then they have been listed in the bibliography of almost every important work on that period. No study of the Revolution could possibly be complete without these volumes.

From many pages of humor at the expense of General Burgoyne to the infuriating murder of Jenny McCrea you will be informed, angered, and greatly entertained. Even if you are no historian, these volumes will be of inestimable value to your understanding of politics, human nature, and the current state of affairs in America.

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Volume I covers January 1775 through December 1777--from the initial civil unrest in Boston to the defeat of General Burgoyne.  Volume II covers January 1778 through December 1781--from the alliance with the French to the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown.

Diary of the American Revolution, Volume I

Diary of the American Revolution, Volume II

Diary of the American Revolution, Volume I and II

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