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Anthony Dalton               Sea Stories

NELSON - The Arctic Adventures of Tristan's Old Sea Dog


Nelson, a three-legged one-eyed Labrador sails to the Arctic with his master, Tristan Jones, in an old converted lifeboat.  Illustrious though his name may be in the history of ocean warfare and adventure, Nelson views their northern expedition with a singularly critical eye and an often sarcastic tongue.  He hates the cold and he’s frightened of polar bears.  Although he falls in lust with a pretty Arctic fox, all he really wants is a blazing coal fire in a warm English pub—and a bit of loving: whenever he can get it.

Steven Dong           Science Fiction

Wild Side of the Window




Alice Liddel became a queen there. Jonathan Hoag had a job there. Lou Reed took a walk there. Now, to save the woman he loves, Martin “Wuju” Woo-Julanski will go there and face evil twins, evil quadruplets, fire-breathing dragons, frumious bandersnatchi, spandex-wearing wizards, whacked-out superheroes, and a super-sonic cyborg flying turtle. Find out what lies on the Wild Side of the Window….

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James Dowling                                  Political Intrigue

Tainted Image


Cara Anderson had a passion in life. Not for men, or family, or even children.  Her passion was power … political power.  Her beauty was the one thing that would get her that power; her beauty and a driving ambition to make something of herself in a man’s world.  And make something of herself, she did.

Starting with her graduation as a young lawyer from the University of Maryland, she climbed the political ladder more swiftly than had even a young Democrat from Massachusetts two generations earlier – first as a hard-charging prosecuting attorney, then through a series of political positions that culminated in the United States Senate.  Cara did not see the senate as a culmination, however; but as a stepping stone to the one office where power is absolute.

Cara Anderson lived in a world where a friend was someone who could aid her climb, and where every rung of the ladder brought with it new enemies.  It was a world whose lessons she learned well, and one in which she thrived … until she forgot the most important lesson of all.

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