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Political Intrigue

Tainted Image

Cara Anderson had a passion in life. Not for men, or family, or even children.  Her passion was power … political power.  Her beauty was the one thing that would get her that power; her beauty and a driving ambition to make something of herself in a man’s world.  And make something of herself, she did.

Starting with her graduation as a young lawyer from the University of Maryland, she climbed the political ladder more swiftly than had even a young Democrat from Massachusetts two generations earlier – first as a hard-charging prosecuting attorney, then through a series of political positions that culminated in the United States Senate.  Cara did not see the senate as a culmination, however; but as a stepping stone to the one office where power is absolute.

Cara Anderson lived in a world where a friend was someone who could aid her climb, and where every rung of the ladder brought with it new enemies.  It was a world whose lessons she learned well, and one in which she thrived … until she forgot the most important lesson of all.

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Tainted Image



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