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Ella Mack

Where Sleeping Cats Lie


An ancient desert oasis lies  dry and shriveling.  A once flourishing city slowly dies in the midst of plenty.  Roads that lead nowhere cover a vast plain.   What is happening to Ilsa's world?  Can she find out before it's too late?

 It won't be easy.  Tribes have evolved so long apart that they share little more in appearance than four legs and teeth.  Strangers are welcome nowhere, and centuries may pass without neighbors speaking to each other.  So sharpen your talons, shake the sand out of your fur and flee with the Shauza tribe as they embark on a desperate search for survival. 

Maladaptation.  This whole planet is a glorious example of maladaptation.

No floods, no holocausts, just unchanging climate and benevolent conditions.  The entire ecology down there is as fragile as a butterfly’s wings.

Becoming an exobiologist wasn’t meant to be easy.  Watching alien creatures squirming about in alien muck from the safe side of a video screen can become tedious after awhile, that is, unless you’ve got no place else to go.  Then it becomes your life’s work, even if the scenery does get a bit, um, disgusting at times.  Imelda isn’t your average exobiologist, however, and Iago IV isn’t your average planet.  Iago IV has never heard of Darwin.

Join this futuristic expedition to a world that is never quite what anyone expects. 



Where Sleeping Cats Lie



The Ergonaut

Rubik's Cube

When human explorers finally reach the stars, they discover that life elsewhere is both rare and  primitive.  Under the watchful eye of the Committee for Human Advancement, space exploration is largely devoted to finding planets suitable for earthculture … the planting of Earthlike biospheres on formerly sterile planets.  Science has matured to the point where psychomanagement is the only field still worth studying.  That is, until the Delta Cluster Mission discovers an alien civilization hidden behind the veil of an interstellar nebula.


This book assumes that you can already solve the Rubik’s cube.  Maybe you’ve only solved it once and you figure that’s enough of an accomplishment.  Maybe you’re an accomplished solver who races others to see how fast you can solve it.  Maybe you’re like me and you’re not too fast, are kind of bored, and you need new challenges.

If you are any of these people, you should find this book enjoyable.  You will be amused and challenged by easy to seemingly impossible patterns that you can recreate on your cube.  Photos of solutions for both 3x3 and 4x4 cube puzzles are included, and unique full-color photographs make the book a true collector’s item.


The Ergonaut

Rubik's Cube


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