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Rubik's Cube



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Welcome to the Rubik’s Cube puzzle gallery!

This book assumes that you can already solve the Rubik’s cube.  Maybe you’ve only solved it once and you figure that’s enough of an accomplishment.  Maybe you’re an accomplished solver who races others to see how fast you can solve it.  Maybe you’re like me and you’re not too fast, are kind of bored, and you need new challenges.

If you are any of these people, you should find this book enjoyable.  You will be amused and challenged by easy to seemingly impossible patterns that you can recreate on your cube.  Photos of both 3x3 and 4x4 cube puzzles are included, and unique full-color photographs make the book a true collector’s item.

$4.00 Electronic Edition

$19.95 Trade Paperback Edition


Rubik's Cube

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