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Scott G. Gier


Genellan: Planetfall           Science Fiction


Genellan—a beautiful, Earthlike world where intelligent cliff dwellers waited in fear for the day the bear people would return, killing them for their fur…

Genellan—the only refuge for a ship’s crew and a detachment of spacer Marines, abandoned by a fleet fleeing from alien attackers.  Stranded on Genellan, the humans struggled to make a home for themselves until—they hoped against hope—the fleet would return to rescue them. Lt. Sharl Buccari tried desperately to hold on to the threads of command over the spacers and the Marines—to keep her crew together and alive.  Winter was coming. No one knew if the winged natives would be friend or foe. And now the bear people were returning, intent on destroying the humans—but not before stealing the secret of hyperlight drive, the key to interstellar flight…


Genellan: Shadow of the Moon            Science Fiction


Heart of Genellan


Hotshot pilot Sharl Buccari was a living legend. She and her crew of Survivors had established a foothold on Genellan—a beautiful new world, raw and unforgiving—becoming allies with the native cliff dwellers. Now the challenge was to engineer peace with the other advanced race inhabiting the same planetary system—the kones—and to build a colony for the children of humanity, including her own infant son. But konish politics and xenophobia threatened to tear apart the fragile truce for which she had fought so hard. Worse, another mysterious race of aliens who twenty-five years earlier had massacred a human star fleet was back—and on the warpath. Buccari had to choose. The other Survivors could take care of Genellan, and the cliff dwellers would take care of her child. But only Buccari held power over all three races of the Genellan system. Only Buccari could hope to unite them against a common—and deadly—foe…


Genellan: First Victory            Science Fiction




Fleet Admiral Runacres has taken the Tellurian fleet deep into the Red Zone trying desperately to make diplomatic contact, and now the Ulaggi mean to punish the humans for approaching too closely to the heart of their empire. The murderous aliens have come to kill. Ulaggi battle cruisers, human motherships, and konish dreadnaughts converge on the planet Genellan, just as a convoy of Tellurian transports arrives to eject their vulnerable cargo of human settlers into the rugged planet’s atmosphere. Hotshot squadron commander Sharl Buccari and her corvette pilots are all that stand between the enemy and the helpless settlers. Buccari is a living legend, but the Ulaggi have never been defeated. Can she stop them from invading Genellan? If not, Earth is next.



Genellan: Earth Siege           Science Fiction


Trafalgar in Space


Ancient were the Ulaggi before the ancestors of man walked upright.  The Ulaggi — a race of mind readers — terrorize the galaxy, destroying the weak.

Genellan, humanity’s first colony in space, is attacked.  Thousands die.  The colonial capital is destroyed, but the aliens are repulsed. The cost is dear in lives and ships, but worse — the Ulaggi learn the location of Earth. Admiral Runacres, the Tellurian Legion Fleet commander, orders all ships back to Sol-Sys.  Desperately, he strives to bring her selfish governments into cooperation… Too soon, the Ulaggi attack, forcing Runacres to retreat behind his lunar defenses.  Earth’s defense is untenable.  The Ulaggi descend to the surface, spreading death and ruin in their path. Captain Sharl Buccari returns to Sol-Sys with reinforce-ments from Kon, humanity’s ally and bitter enemy of the Ulaggi.  Outnumbered, the human and Konish fleets engage the invaders…


Daystar           Science Fiction



Two super alliances compete for the galaxy: the Federation, a constellation of systems centered on Earth, struggles against the Galactic Independence/New Confederacy (GINC) as mankind spreads like a bloody stain, consuming entire planets in a rapacious competition for resources. Some colonies will live, but most will die to fulfill the needs of the core alliances.  A rebel organization, the Planetary Independence Movement (PIM), strives to obstruct the devastation. Its messianic leader, Daniel Enos Callihan, has not been seen for decades, but his sedition continues to hamper the alliances. Each alliance seeks to use Callihan against the other…or else to kill him. His location becomes available—Daystar System.  Duncan, a Federation ground-pounder, leads a penetration team onto the planet and discovers a pre-industrial society unable to defend itself—at least apparently so. A curious energy source leads Duncan to Callihan; but it is the energy source itself that changes everything. The elwar, a race of gentle innocents, possess a power unlike any previously known. It is this power that ultimately makes all the difference.


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