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Kevin Gildea

The Beginning of the End           Techno-Thriller


Years of budget cutting and neglect have left the United States military in a sadly weakened state.  When a world-wide depression further strains the resources of the west, the leaders of China see an opportunity that has not presented itself in nearly a thousand years.  The time has come, they believe, to throw off the shackles of corrupt western influence.  A quick strike with nuclear and biological weapons, and the Middle Kingdom will once again rule all the known world. Standing between China and her ambitions are a few brave men and women and a technology that was once the envy of the world.  Whether it will be sufficient in the coming crisis remains to be seen ... Thus begins Kevin Gildea's yarn of a future that is all too plausible.








Guy Goudeau

Demokratia           Political Science


Born out of a near-death experience, Demokratia is the personal vision of a writer who fell in love with the United Sates more than 50 years ago.  Read it for a new insight into what it means to be an American, a citizen of the world, and a member of the human race.



Country Nate Green

Kill The Surgeon           Medical Mystery


A young African-American surgeon is assisting in the life-saving surgery on a young 12-year-old cancer patient.  Suddenly, the chief surgeon, the young doctor’s beloved mentor, clutches his chest and falls to the floor of the operating theater, victim of a massive coronary. The young doctor must make the most crucial decision of his life, one that can end his medical career.  Does he save the 12-year-old patient or his friend who lies dying at his feet?

And that is only the start of his problems.







Joseph A. Grispino

Philosophy for Teens           Philosophy


Philosophy For Teens emphasizes logic (how to think critically) and ethics (how to live responsibly.) Never before has a high school graduate needed these two tools more urgently. Forty-five of the nation's governors addressed the high school educational crisis at the first National Education Summit and demanded drastic changes. Philosophy For Teens answers their demand because what good is a barrel of knowledge without a thinking spigot?

This textbook speaks in a conversational, non-technical style, in no need of a teacher's manual. Of the 30 chapters, 15 discuss social issues, two amplify logic and ethics respectively.









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