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Jack and Catherine Hart


Mythosphere is a virtual-world playground located on a remote island in the Caribbean and run by an extended family who style themselves "Olympians," the gods of Mythosphere.  Trevor Martin, a fair athlete and mediocre student, is not sure that he wants to squander his graduation money on a vacation trip to the island; not until he meets Diana, one of the Olympians, that is.

Once in Mythosphere, Trevor finds himself caught up in a contest between Diana's Samarkand and Mars's Camelot, and in the process, finds himself responsible for a woman who cannot stand him.  The only problem is that the contest is more a war than a game -- a war for the control of Mythosphere!

Trevor's story is only one strand in a complex weave of storylines involving humans and gods, both in and out of the virtual playground.   The people and beings that Trevor meets include a beautiful female knight, a serial killer, various fairies, a dragon, a hippogriff, and numerous others both mysterious and deadly.  He soon discovers that things are not as they seem, people are not who they appear, and danger lurks around every virtual turn in Mythosphere.

 $5.00 Electronic Edition

 $13.95 Trade Paperback Edition




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Jack and Catherine Hart

August 1, 2001 - August 1, 2003