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Sometimes treasures of great wealth can be discovered centuries after their creation, to become pearls of great price to the discoverer.  This can happen, either  by chance or by Divine Providence.  Certainly God has a time and place for all things.

Such is the case with "Ancient Manuscripts of the Life and Times of Jesus Christ."  Although this book was first compiled and printed in the mid-1800s, it has lain dormant for more than a century, being handed down through several generations of its original author.

Perhaps Divine intervention has chosen this time for its resurrection; for this book is spiritually charged with new insights into the days and times of Jesus Christ.  It is a book concerned with a journey to faith, a ten year expedition which resulted in the discovery of ancient manuscripts, found in the archives of European libraries in the 1800s by a man who was driven by theological inspiration.

Join him in discovering the life and times of Jesus, the Christ, Our Savior.

 $12.00 Electronic Edition

Ancient Manuscripts of the Life and Times of Jesus Christ


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