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William F. Holmes

Mind Over Matter           Futurism


Mind over Matter points the way towards universal prosperity, self-sufficient households, abundant new living space, ideal physical health, and well-balanced, more powerful minds. Humanity can reach these goals by thinking small, assembling life size structures from simple electrical and mechanical parts as small as human cells. Ordinary clothes will soon become bioclothes, structures of biological complexity created through the art of biodesign.

Bioclothes will be adjustable, shape changing fabrics that protect, support, and strengthen our bodies, and even modify our outward appearance. Bioclothes will make telepresence a reality, providing instant travel by “teleforms”, empty, mobile sets of bioclothes. Miniature teleforms will open the micro-world to us, expanding our effective living space a thousand fold. Robotic forms of bioclothes will perform routine tasks swiftly and tirelessly, providing the labor for small scale, family size production, freeing us bit by bit from the need for a job.


Biodesign within the human body will use modified forms of our own nerve and immune cells as “parts” to create a cell care network that examines and repairs our tissues, cell by cell. By judicious stimulation of cell growth in selected parts of the body and brain, plus much physical and mental exercise, each of us can work towards our personal vision of an ideal self.


Cell care networks in the brain will lead to a profound understanding of the relationship between the human mind and the brain that supports it. Humanity will begin to explore a mental universe of unknown reach by extending our present neural structures in new directions. Our journey will continue towards a future barely seen, then beyond to the presently inconceivable, to a time when mental growth will predominate, when we will indeed become “mind over matter”.








Robert O. Hoskins

Devils in Quantum           Science Fiction


Preston “Pete” Borden struck it rich in 1899 in Goldtown, Nevada, in one of the last big strikes in the Old West.  Having made his fortune at the tender age of 20, Borden returned to his home in the East where he bankrolled a company named Borden Holdings.  Over the decades, Borden’s company and power grew, evolving into the Borden Bank of Trust of New York City.  Pete married and though he longed for an heir, did not produce a son, Morgan, until 1932.  The elder Borden groomed his son to take over the business empire.  Fearing kidnappers, Pete hired an ex-prizefighter, Slugger, to look after his son.  The two have an interest in common.  Both want to become chemists.  While experimenting, Slugger creates a drink that sends imbibers to Quantum, a strange world not of this Earth.  There, he and Morgan are illegal arrivals, not subject to the strict laws of Quantum. The two of them have a number of adventures, including riots, warfare, and a donkey, before they are eventually returned to Earth.


Images            Verse


Robert O. Hoskins has led a long and eventful life.  Over the years, he has made some 300 observations in poetry and prose about every aspect of life, ranging from one-liners to multiple pages in length.  Some of these observations are nice, while others are nasty.  All are thought provoking and well worth reading. These comprise over 300 observations on every aspect of life from one-liners to nine pages in length. Some are nice, others are nasty. No particular theme is followed; these are just on subjects from ‘A to Z.’

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