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TUSOA - Land of the Free?          Action - Adventure


The wars had been long and devastating.  A deafening silence fell over the land.  The small groups of survivors were at a time of decision.  Food and supplies were short, continued existence questionable.  Life was a nightmare, death a relief. They say Tusoa is a "land of plenty" controlled by a large government.  There is talk of much money, food and comfort.  The government will take care of you, but at the cost of your freedom. Many had left on ships for Tusoa.  Others talked of leaving. The following is one family's story of persevering to a better world


Bad Seed           Action - Adventure


The world is at peace and life is good.  Reverend Eon Marcus is blessed with a successful ministry.  Until…the snakelike tabloid reporter…met with the money-hungry clerk…an exchange of money for information is made… Everyone loves to hear about dirty politics, sordid affairs, and evangelists falling from grace. This exchange will affect the Ministry, Eon and his youngest rebel daughter, Esther. Esther has always been free-spirited and the source of much amusement.  Now this childish adult’s choices threaten to destroy lives, families, even nations. As if things aren’t bad enough, terrorism raises it’s evil head.  …Abruptly the silence ended and darkness became daylight from the ear-shattering simultaneous explosions.  Men were running in all directions like cockroaches when the kitchen light is flicked on.  The few not dead from the explosions… The world spins in to chaos.







Phil Jaffe


The 1954 Historic Arctic Adventure of the Northwind           History


In 1954 the United States Coast Guard Cutter Northwind was the first ship to conquer McClure Strait and chart a corridor through the Northwest Passage.

This is story of an historic Arctic adventure that has never been told before. It includes over 50 original color photographs of the Arctic ice,  and is written and photographed by Phil Jaffe, a member of the crew!







Northwoods Nature Journal           Nature


We invite you to come for a visit with Jannie in her Northwood’s home.    Come experience with her through pictures, drawings and writing the many wonders that brought excitement to her as she worked on this book for her grandchildren.  Nature holds many interesting facts and surprises for those who are observant. There is constant amazement at the intricate, awesome details God created when making this world.  We truly are blest and give God all the glory

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