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The End of Paradise

 The world is at peace and life is good.  Reverend Eon Marcus is blessed with a successful ministry.  Until…the snakelike tabloid reporter…met with the money-hungry clerk…an exchange of money for information is made… Everyone loves to hear about dirty politics, sordid affairs, and evangelists falling from grace. This exchange will affect the Ministry, Eon and his youngest rebel daughter, Esther.

Esther has always been free-spirited and the source of much amusement.  Now this childish adult’s choices threaten to destroy lives, families, even nations.

As if things aren’t bad enough, terrorism raises it’s evil head.  …Abruptly the silence ended and darkness became daylight from the ear-shattering simultaneous explosions.  Men were running in all directions like cockroaches when the kitchen light is flicked on.  The few not dead from the explosions… The world spins in to chaos. 

 $4.95 Electronic Edition

 $12.95 Trade Paperback Edition



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