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We invite you to come for a visit with Jannie in her Northwood’s home.   Come experience with her through pictures, drawings and writing the many wonders that brought excitement to her as she worked on this book for her grandchildren.  Nature holds many interesting facts and surprises for those who are observant.

There is constant amazement at the intricate, awesome details God created when making this world.  We truly are blest and give God all the glory.

$5.00 Electronic Edition

 $22.95 Trade Paperback Edition


This is a book written for all ages.




Don Fina


My travels have taken me far and wide

To many a city and countryside.

As I have always known from the start,

Only one place lives in my heart:


Beautiful Wisconsin, nature's wonderland;

In all my dreams I see

Beautiful Wisconsin, glorious and grand;

That's where I long to be.


Silv'ry lake and rocky dell

Hold me in their magic spell,

And the pine-scented air is beyond compare.


Beautiful Wisconsin, milk-and-honey land,

You're "home, sweet home" to me.


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