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Russell C. Kick, Ph.D.


The Key to Self-Discovery           Self Improvement


The Key to Self-Discovery presents and teaches The Holistic Way, a new application of the systems thinking that is enhancing our understanding of our world and ourselves, and improving the quality of life. The Holistic Way, a modern and innovative approach to self-discovery, self-development and life mastery, is a system consisting of twelve guides, self-empowering music and visual tools designed to be easy to learn and fulfilling to use.


 How To Earn Your Education Online- Self Improvement


Internet-based online education is the key to a successful career and a good Education is now available virtually anytime and anywhere to people of all ages online via the Internet. This information in this book is ideal for people who want to continue their education without disrupting their careers, college students, high school students, and parents wishing to provide home schooling.








Nick Kisella


The Chalice of Souls           Fantasy


Mandar, the mightiest warrior of the ancient continent Tharvus, before the dawn of history, is launched into an odyssey by the gods known as the Five Lords.  The Seven Deviants, a rival group of gods, has deemed that all life on Tharvus must end.  They have stolen the power of the Five Lords, which resided in a golden chalice and empowered their human agent, the wizard Vul, to destroy it.  Mandar, the savage barbarian, armed with the Doomweaver, an indestructible broadsword from the Five Lords, is thrust into a war between gods that he has no desire to take part in, with the future of mankind the prize and Death as his only ally.

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