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Scott Langley


The River Wolf           Historical Fiction - Alternate History - Napoleonic Wars


It is the golden age of the second Napoleonic era.  In 1844, paddle and steam replace wind and sail and Napoleon Bonaparte is President of the United Republics of South America.  Wars for independence and unification, wars against Spain, Portugal, and the republics themselves, are at an end.  Internal conflicts, economic strife, and border disputes were removing themselves from the battlefields and settling in the more contentious and convoluted halls of government.  After twenty-three years, the continent and even the world has finally reconciled itself to Napoleon’s rule – Napoleon’s South America.

Eligus Bronsan, a sea officer and mercenary who has known nothing but war, must make a place in a world that has no use for him.  Under the auspices of the Continental Survey, Le Bureau Examen Continental, Bronsan and his sailors are employed on a mission of exploration that turns into a deadly quest from the jungles of the Amazon, to the British Falklands, through the Straights of Magellan, and finally north to Concepción, Napoleon’s seat of power.


Napoleon's Wolf - Historical Fiction - Alternate History - Napoleonic Wars


1820 -- For the first time in more than a generation, Europe was at peace.  The Emperor was defeated, imprisoned, and a King sat on France’s throne.  It was the start of the industrial revolution and desperate men saw their livelihoods replaced by machines.  It was no place for a man like Lord Thomas Cochrane, a Scotsman, disgraced sea officer, and former Member of Parliament who seeks his future in the New World.





Barry Leach


The Assembly           Mystery


When Peter Hoffman is discovered murdered, there is no shortage of suspects.  Any number of powerful organizations – the CIA, the IRA, Satanists, various oilmen, a band of covert Nazis – had an interest in seeing him dead.  For Hoffman was one of the world’s most powerful men, as reviled and feared by other powerful men as he was loved and admired by ordinary people.  His power flowed from his position as chairman of The Assembly, a global Internet community dedicated to changing the status quo that had benefited too few for too long.  It falls to Hoffman’s deputy, Sinclair Morton, to discover who among the many people with motive to kill his boss had actually done so.  The trail is long and convoluted, and leads in turn from London to Hamburg to Boston, and finally, to Positano.  Will Sinclair Morton live long enough to learn the surprising truth about Peter Hoffman’s death, and will that knowledge bring about that which Hoffman had most feared, the destruction of The Assembly?








Joanabell Lewis


Old Hollywood in Beverly Hills           Hollywood


The year was 1929.  As a fund raiser, the Beverly Hills Womans Club put together a unique collection of recipes, with contributions from many silent-screen stars of the day.  It appears that the stars' offerings were written mostly by themselves, hence the author's verbatim transcriptions, punctuation, and all.

Each of the over 75 recipes includes a photo of the star and short bio, gleaned from hours of research and condensation. The forward, written by Will Rogers, begins the book.


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