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Napoleon's Wolf

Napoleon's Wolf

1820 -- For the first time in more than a generation, Europe was at peace.  The Emperor was defeated, imprisoned, and a King sat on France’s throne.  It was the start of the industrial revolution and desperate men saw their livelihoods replaced by machines.  It was no place for a man like Lord Thomas Cochrane, a Scotsman, disgraced sea officer, and former Member of Parliament who seeks his future in the New World.

 Unbeknownst to the world of the time, it was the dawn of the second Napoleonic era.  Years earlier, Cochrane ravaged French shipping and achieved such notoriety that Napoleon called him ‘Loup de Mer’ – Sea Wolf.  Now, Cochrane was Napoleon’s Wolf.  Under the guise of the fight for South America’s independence from Spain, Cochrane launches an audacious plan to rescue the exiled Emperor and place him on a South American throne.

 Rumours fly and caught in their midst is a young sea officer.  Home and on half-pay, Eligus Bronsan is called to service and put in command of the Royal Navy’s first steamship.  His mission – deliver the mail.  That simple task draws him into a hurricane of events in which he is helplessly tossed.  He soon finds himself in the middle of Cochrane’s mad scheme and Napoleon’s rise to power in the New World.

Napoleon's Wolf

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