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            Joseph Lyles was born and raised in a small, historic town in South Carolina. However, he began traveling as a teen and has crisscrossed North America many times and via many forms of transport, including bicycle and motorcycle.

            Joseph began his college education at Furman University and concluded it at Huxley College of Environmental Studies at Western Washington University, where he graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology. He continued his education by obtaining a Juris Doctorate degree from the Law School of the University of South Carolina.

            Joseph traces his interest in science fiction to reading Dune and watching Star Trek. Always an avid reader, Joseph first wrote professionally in his law practice. He has also written a legal guide for non-lawyers entitled,  Avoiding Legal Landmines, which is available from the author or at .

            Joseph lives with his family in Greenville, South Carolina, where he writes, practices law, and does public speaking. His hobbies and interests include active outdoor sports, environmental organizations, and projects on his “mini-farm”.


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