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Joseph, Ruler of All Egypt


Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob and first son of Rachel, is sold into slavery by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver because they are jealous of the attention their father showers on his “son of my old age.”   In Egypt, Joseph is sold into the service of Potiphar, an Egyptian official and placed in charge of Potiphar's household. There he proves his worth in all his duties.  However, Potiphar's wife has amorous designs on their new slave. When Joseph refuses her advances, she falsely accuses him of rape and Joseph is thrown into prison.

While in prison, Joseph develops a reputation for interpreting the dreams of the other inmates, one of whom is a high official of the Pharaoh’s government.  When, years later, the Pharaoh has a dream of his own in which he sees "Seven lean kine devouring seven fat kine on the Nile, and of seven withered ears devouring seven full, ripe ears," the official remembers Joseph's skill and recommends him to the Pharaoh.

Joseph is brought before Pharaoh and tells him that the dream foretells seven years of plenty, to be followed by seven years of famine.  Impressed with his interpretation, the Pharaoh appoints Joseph viceroy and thus begins the reign of the Ruler of All Egypt.


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