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Ella Mack    


Where Sleeping Cats Lie - Science Fiction


Take a walk with Ilsa, resident of a sleepy tree village that has lived in peace and harmony for centuries.  Of course, peace doesn't last forever.  Disorder is always just a random event away and Ilsa soon finds herself on a life-and-death mission to save her people, her civilization, and her world. Assume nothing in this four-footed adventure through an alien landscape on a planet where death and destruction are often found just beyond the next hill.


Scuzzworms - Science Fiction



Nothing goes right from the very first day that Imelda arrives at Iago IV.  A biologist with a checkered past, Imelda is looking for a place where she can focus on her research, free from the intrusions of nosy civilization.  Unfortunately, she didn’t bargain on nosy fellow researchers.  She also didn’t bargain on the Iagans, some of the most disgusting creatures to be found in the explored universe.

Events spiral from bad to worse in this quirky tale of future scientific exploration. Sign on for an adventure you’ll never forget, if you dare...


Rubik's Cube - Games


This book assumes that you can already solve the Rubik’s cube. Maybe you’ve only solved it once and you figure that’s enough of an accomplishment. Maybe you’re an accomplished solver who races others to see how fast you can solve it. Maybe you’re like me and you’re not too fast, are kind of bored, and you need new challenges. If you are any of these people, you should find this book enjoyable. You will be amused and challenged by easy to seemingly impossible patterns that you can recreate on your cube. Both 3x3 and 4x4 cube puzzles are included, and unique full-color photographs make the book a true collector’s item.


The Ergonaut - Science Fiction



When human explorers finally reach the stars, they discover that life elsewhere is both rare and primitive.  Under the watchful eye of the Committee for Human Advancement, space exploration is largely devoted to finding planets suitable for earthculture … the planting of Earthlike biospheres on formerly sterile planets. Science has matured to the point where psychomanagement is the only field still worth studying. That is, until the Delta Cluster Mission discovers an alien civilization hidden behind the veil of an interstellar nebula.





Peter L. Manly     

Asterisms - Science Fiction


Nobody asked Patrick White's permission to sign him onto the crew of a multi-generation ship to the stars. His parents were too busy with departure preparations to even think about such legal niceties. His older sister just didn't care about little brothers. By the time he came of legal age, Earth's Sol appeared as a remote and dim speck among thousands of similar stars. Patrick's whole world revolved, literally, within a slim cylinder populated by the people he'd grown up with and that included everybody within light years. The voyage would take 50 years as measured by the revolution of a distant planet about a far star which few on board thought about any more. With graying hair and a mature man's responsibility, he then left the comfortable confines of his home aboard ship and faced a wild planet using innate skills dimly remembered — like how to deal with mud. He also had a family and a whole colony to care for. Other than that, he felt like any other guy with a wife, kids and a job.


Dragon Three Two Niner - Fantasy


Georgine the Dragon tolerated Humans, generally ignored Elves stayed out of the way of trolls (wise policy for anybody -- even other trolls).  Goergine's favorite person was Irulana, a lesser princess and a great pilot who led her dragon to interesting places and wonderful flights.  It might have been an ideal dragon's life except for some of the characters that Irulana got them mixed up with.



Michael Manning


Bringing Spirituality Down to Earth - Spirituality


If you believe that spirituality is available to all who want it in their hearts, you will love reading Bringing Spirituality Down To Earth by Michael Manning.

Mr. Manning states that “Our minds, emotions, and physical bodies can be wonderful tools with which to explore life, but the greatest asset that we have is our spiritual ability to directly perceive reality.  When seeming complexities are stripped away from a subject, what remains is simple truth.  Truth is like a soft, warm rain that falls on everyone.  When we set aside our umbrellas--our fossilized notions of reality--all the waters of heaven will be ours for the asking.”

Some have called Mr. Manning’s book a modern day version of The Prophet.  It addresses over eighty major topics of human concern from a spiritual point of view.

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