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Michael Manning


Bringing Spirituality Down To Earth

Artwork by Michael Fink

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If you believe that spirituality is available to all who want it in their hearts, you will love reading “Bringing Spirituality Down To Earth” by Michael Manning.

Mr. Manning states that “Our minds, emotions and physical bodies can be wonderful tools with which to explore life, but the greatest asset we have is our spiritual ability to directly perceive reality. When seeming complexities are stripped away from a subject, what remains is simple truth. Truth is like a soft, warm rain that falls on everyone. When we set aside our umbrellas –everything that keeps us from seeing the truth – all the waters of heaven will be ours for the asking.”

Mr. Manning’s book addresses over eighty topics of human concern from a spiritual point of view. Yet it is not about conventional religion.

The author is careful to distinguish between conventional religion and spirituality. He states, “The fact that life is spiritual has nothing to do with the rituals and dogma we associate with traditional religion. Every moment of our lives is filled with the pulsating love and beauty of spiritual truth.”

The spiritual exercises he recommends are a distillation of the most effective techniques he has discovered. The practice of these simple exercises will help the reader to discover greater spiritual truth through direct experience.

Mr. Manning offers you a chance to read several free chapters in order to decide if his book is for you. Other topics in the book include: Dreams, The Purpose of Creation, Human Love and Divine Love, Out-of-Body Travel, Psychic Traps, Destiny and Free Will, Guilt and Fear, Alcohol and Drugs, and Politics.

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Bringing Spirituality Down to Earth

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Michael Manning

March15, 2000 - March 15, 2002