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Chris Mapham


Traffic Stop           Crime Novel


A simple traffic stop.  Alone on a dark road, Patrolman Ben Gregor radios central dispatch that he is about to stop a speeding car.  That is his last transmission.  Participating in his partner's search, Eric Jorgansen arrives on the scene where Gregor lies shot to death.  The shock is overwhelming.  Later, he embarks on a quest to find his friend's killers.  It is a quest that leads him down a dark path, and one that may well extract the ultimate price before justice is done.


Traffic Stop is a gritty, realistic portrayal of police work and the emotional toll it takes on those who are sworn to uphold the law, written by one with firsthand knowledge of what it means to be one of society's protectors.



Rusty Marshall


The One Night Stand          Romance


Was Barbara St. John about to set sail on her dream-come-true cruise, or was she sailing into her worst nightmare? Clifton Kelley was a jerk as far as she was concerned, but there was something about him.  Was it the man, the yacht, the sea, or was it possibly a combination of the three? Join Barbara and Cliff as they sail out of the Chesapeake Bay, on the forty-four foot sailing yacht, The One Night Stand, into many humorous and a few not so humorous happenings.





H. G. Martin


Doctor Diablo          Fantasy


He is a charming, arrogant genius with wealth, good looks, and a playboy-bachelor lifestyle that any guy would envy.  He’s also possibly the world’s greatest super villain.


Jonathan Blanc was a nameless, homeless foundling who conquered adversity and his humble beginnings to make something of himself.  Unfortunately, what he made was San Francisco’s greatest criminal mastermind, the infamous Doctor Diablo.

Life was brilliant and perfect (as he demanded) until Doctor Diablo ran afoul of the Bay Area’s most vicious, monstrous gang-lord, the Crusher.

Now Diablo must find a way to overcome a lethal, unstoppable madman, bent on putting him to a painful, lingering death.  Along the way he just might learn the value of love, friendship, and redemption, if he survives.






Steve Martindale


Aesir Trilogy           Science Fiction / Fantasy




 In the Icelandic fishing village of Nordfjordur, they take their gods seriously, and each person has his own way of dealing with them:

 Erik Thorkilsson, an awkward fifteen-year-old, whose hard-edged American uncle harbors a dark secret.   Father Viktor Johnsson, Catholic priest, aboard a spaceship hurtling toward what may possibly be the ash tree Yggdrasil.  Arnor Eriksson, the last remaining inhabitant in Iceland, left to tend Odin’s garden.

Each of them may follow a path differing from the others, but they have one thing in common: the Norns have yet to cut their threads.

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