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Andrea Merriweather

Crumbs from the Master's Table

"This is about the coldest winter I've ever knowed.  I can't recollect ever seeing a winter this cold.  It sure has kept my boys busy bringing in all that firewood.  Just last summer, Old Man Spencer, he lived a piece down the road, made mention as to how he thought it was going to be a cold one this year.  I made sure the boys chopped and stored plenty of wood.  Enough to last even till next winter, if need be.  We all kept close to the fire, either at the wood stove in the kitchen or the fireplace in the front room.  The boys took to sleeping there.  That cold spell lasted about two months until one day, it got just a little warmer and each day thereafter, just a little warmer still.  Seems as though Old Man Winter was letting go and at just the right time.  The very next day my daughter sent word her baby was coming ..."

-- Excerpt from Crumbs from the Master's Table, by Andrea Merriweather

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Crumbs from the Master's Table


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Andrea Merriweather

May 1, 2003 - May 1, 2005