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The Freedom Bell Curve

We here in the United States are a free people, aren't we? Why, then, do we have less and less free time and less and less expendable income to enjoy what little free time we do have?

We have been spreading our brand of freedom around the world, haven't we?  Why, then are more and more people living in desperate poverty? Why are more and more people actually starving to death each year?

Join the author as he takes a look at the course the United States has taken in the past 200 years. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution gave people a chance for true freedom for the first time in the history of mankind. But somewhere along the way our leaders began to stray from the ideals in those documents. Essentially the United States took over where the British Empire left off, and we made the British Pyramid Scheme of Power into our own.

Each succeeding generation of immigrants to the United States were in effect used as slaves. Several generations were actual slaves and indentured servants. Since the outlawing of those practices after the Civil War, a succession of powerful corporate conglomerates has acted as the slave owners. In recent decades, with the reduction in immigration, the conglomerates have taken their dirty industries overseas and in effect enslaved people in their own countries, all the while telling those people that they are now on the road to the freedom and prosperity that we in the United States enjoy. And most of us believe it.

But as with any pyramid scheme, once the pool of potential additions to the bottom of the Pyramid has been exhausted, the pyramid scheme collapses, and everybody loses.  Also explore the beginnings of trade and war, and see how in both cases it was discovered that middlemen gain power in any fluctuation of trading or treaty terms. For many centuries, most middlemen provided a real service and dealt in real goods. But in recent decades a whole new class of middlemen has risen to the top of the Pyramid Scheme of Power. They deal in no real goods, and provide no real services, yet gain wealth and power from nearly everything we do. It is to their advantage that we and their current crop of slave laborers not understand what is going on. But after reading this book we can no longer claim--as the German people did during World War Two--that we don't know what is going on. And perhaps, in their defense, it can be said that many of them knew, but had no way of resisting. We, however, have a very simple way of resisting. But will we?

The Freedom Bell Curve

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