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John T. Moriarty


One Square Mile of Mayhem - Historical Novel


John T. Moriarty's One Square Mile of Mayhem is the first work of fiction in a series of four books about the adventures of Tim Mahony, a teenage Irish boy facing the dilemma of growing up in a racially torn Catholic parish in Cleveland, Ohio.  The book is 97% based on true events that took place in the 1950s.

Tim Mahony's parents migrated from County Kerry, Ireland to Glenville, one of the neighborhoods on the east side of Cleveland, where they bought a delicatessen and worked hard to make a new life for themselves.  Over time, their little shop became a hangout for an undisciplined gang of white teenagers who were then fighting three other gangs: African Americans from the nearby neighborhood of Glenville, other Caucasians from East Cleveland, and Italian Americans from Murray Hill.  Chaos and mayhem ruled the daily lives of these young teenagers.  The violent sociological and racial metamorphosis that plagued the East Side came to a head when a gang member was murdered at the Annual Parish Bazaar, the one event designed to bring the warring factions together.  The death threatened to transform the ongoing strife into open warfare.  Could some degree of racial harmony be restored despite the tragic death?


Honest John - Historical Novel


The end of Camelot actually had its beginning at the climax of the world’s greatest challenge to its existence — the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The cover-up of the conspiracy to destroy the planet perpetuated a scheme by the framers to rid the guilty parties involved in the plan, as well as inspire the assassination of a President and overthrow the regime in power.


Thin Ice - Historical Novel


Murder and gang violence follow young Amish skater, Sarah Yoder and her Russian Partner, Alexander Gustov, through a series of skating competitions leading to the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, France.

Amidst political corruption from the Eastern Bloc in the final scoring, Sarah struggles to keep her true identity secret from the world in her quest to win …


Streets of Gold - Historical Novel


A  2oth Century saga depicting an Irish man and woman’s struggle to overcome adversity in  their quest for prosperity in the New World.


Sister Mommy - Historical Novel


A crisis develops for Tim Mahony when he finds himself embroiled in mayhem and mystery with the clergy in an attempt to uncover the secret of his family’s lost legacy.


Angela's Valor - Historical Novel


The race is on across the heartland as two subversive groups vie to assassinate the Mahonys.  Luckily, their plans do not take into account Angela's intelligence and courage.


United in God's Hand - Historical Novel


A pool shootin’ basketball playing junkie from the gang infested Collinwood/Glenville communities of the 1950’s meets an “Angel”, falls in love, marries in 1968 and renounces his past. Relive the nostalgic years of a more innocent era; pitting neighborhood against neighborhood, whites against blacks in a violent sociological and racial metamorphosis plaguing the mean streets of Cleveland’s east side


What Should Have Been - Historical Novel


Mahony's struggle against gang ruling illegal city-wide dogfight contests.


Celtic Warrior - Historical Novel


The story of the rise and fall of a charismatic Irish union boss and his struggles amid the mean streets of Collinwood and Glenville's east side neighborhoods from the 1950s through the 1970s




L. L. Morton      

Love 'N' Stuff - Collection


L. L. Morton’s Love ‘N’ Stuff is a myriad of happy, sad, humorous, and emotive stories. Her characters will grab at your heart strings and leave you wanting more.


First Comes Love - Memoir/Biography


Making meaning out of chaos, L. L. Morton shares her unusual life in First Comes Love: The DeProgramming of An Army Wife. This insightful family drama is a backdrop for discovery of self that lies beneath a sea of denial and pain, and misplaced sexual expression – a gripping story.

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