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Bob Nadel

Spiral Nebula

Spiral Nebula deals with the sudden demise of civilization.  A group of scientists are seeking a cheap source of energy.  They succeed beyond their wildest dreams when they stumble upon anti-matter.  Anti-matter utterly destroys any (normal) matter that it touches -- such as puny scientists and the world that they live on.  In an instant they and their world are reduced to incandescent ash. The ash is scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy, where the devastation continues in a chain reaction.  Billions of souls are lost in the holocaust.  A conglomerate of these souls, all that remains of humanity, is invested in a bodiless  entity.  For want of a better name, we will call him George.

George is severely punished for his part in the devastation, after which he is taken in hand by a God-like entity who charges him with the formidable task of rebuilding the world and gives him the tools with which to do it.

The second part of the book deals with George's successes and failures.  Will he succeed and will he do it right this time, or do his successors have to repeat the cosmic experiment ad infinitum?

Finally ... Is this about the past or the future.  You the reader must decide ... or read the sequel.

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Spiral Nebula


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"George's mission is to rebuild what he has destroyed:  'You must recreate a solar system with at least one planet suitable for viable life and evolve it into sentience, and do it right this time, else it will have to be done again.'


This is quite a project for a 75-page book:  to call it fast-paced would be an understatement.  It involves discussion of modern physics and recasts the course of human evolution, and in the process, is often entertaining."


        Rappahonnock Record, Kilmarnock, Va. - October 11, 2001


I enjoyed Spiral Nebula very much.  Obviously you had fun writing it - it came out quite clearly in your prose.  The only question that came to mind some time after I finished it, is how come you didn't introduce music into the tale?  Humour got in, but not music.  Perhaps in the sequel.


    Roland Burton, December 5, 2003


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Bob Nadel

September 15, 2001 - September 15, 2003