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Bob Nadel, born Bernard Nadel, in Bronx, NY, the son of a Hungarian immigrant father who was a master tool & die maker who helped give birth to the modern automobile.  Bob followed his father into the tool-and-die trade.  He educated himself by taking night courses at CCNY, NYU, Brown University, and Rappahannock College in Virginia.  Among his many professional accomplishments, he made the first prototype zoom lens, worked on early radar plumbing for the US Air Force, and  manufactured umbilical cord junction boxes for the National Aerodynamics and Space Administration.  He also patented a variety of high speed metal component production and assembly methods.

He had the honor of exchanging letters with Albert Einstein shortly before his death.  The subject of the correspondence was an alternative to a rocket propulsion system that uses gyroscopic precession.  It would be, in effect, a working flying saucer, and was sufficiently complicated that Bob has yet to build  a prototype.  However, he is thinking about it ...

His latest invention is a device called Hydro Generator, which uses the energy and the rocking motion of the waves to create DC current, which in turn is used to make hydrogen from the surrounding salt water, thereby solving two problems at the same time, making and storing useful energy.  The only other effluvium is a kiss of oxygen for the atmosphere.  There are zero emissions in making hydrogen.  This way it can be used fuel your car, truck, bus, or what have you.  Only water vapor will emerge from tailpipes. The patent, for which he has built a working model, may be seen by clicking Bernard Nadel in any search engine.

Bob says that education is a good thing but that too much of it could inhibit one's thinking outside the box. His mantra is: "The fool did not realize that it could not be done, so he went ahead and did if!"

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