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Spiral Nebula

Dear reader,

Reading gives one the opportunity and ability to wander anywhere at any time, to the furthest reaches of the Cosmos, unscathed, without leaving the room.  Such a journey might take one to a place called Cleaveland, (not to be confused with Cleveland, Ohio). 

Should you ever go there, you would find, that in Cleaveland you wouldnít be ticketed for going faster than 186,360 miles per second.  In Cleaveland there are no such things as black holes. They are merely manifestations of objects leaving the observer at more than 186,360 M.P.S.

In Cleaveland, the glue that binds matter is not attraction.  In Cleaveland it is external pressure.  Attraction does not exist in the Cleaveland

In Cleaveland, and elsewhere, antineutrons have been discovered in Gamma rays from  (distant galaxies,) tiny pieces of anti-matter, if you will. Lucky for us, rare, since all galaxies in order to exist must be made completely of (normal) matter or anti matter.  Proton gender is determined by whether it is positively or negatively charged. A negatively charged proton is by definition an anti-proton. In Cleaveland we believe in balance, i.e. for every proton in the Cosmos thereís a corresponding anti proton, so should an anti-proton collide with a proton, each would instantly vanish; both completely converted to radiant energy, ergo the balance is preserved.  One cannot destroy the other and survive. I donít have space to go into this more deeply but to say that the hydrogen bomb only releases a fraction of the latent energy frozen in matter.  I havenít done the math but I believe that if enough collisions take place in an ounce of matter, the resulting blast would make all our hydrogen bombs set off at once, less than a popping kernel of corn by comparison.  In the process, mesons, anti neutrons and other unstable particles would be produced to collide with other protons and snowball into a widespread devastation that could destroy a galaxy. In Spiral Nebula, someone actually did just that! (Donít try this at home!)

Itís nice to have a degree but in order to get one in 600 B.C. one would have to write on oneís term paper: ďThe earth is the center of the universe,Ē ala Pythagoras until Kepler and Galileo 900 years later. Socrates knew better but his concept was trashed by such worthies as Aristotle and of course, the church.  These people were the giants of their particular eras.  Should we ever build that radio telescope made of three or more arc segments in space with a radius of 50 million miles, I think we may find that our present giants have feet of clay.

 Bob N.

 Bernard Nadel

Tel. 804 438 6656     

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Bob Nadel

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