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Bob Nadel

Spiral Nebula           Science Fiction


Spiral Nebula deals with the sudden demise of civilization.  A group of scientists are seeking a cheap source of energy. They succeed beyond their wildest dreams when they stumble upon anti-matter.  Anti-matter utterly destroys any (normal) matter that it touches such as puny scientists and the world that they live on.In an instant they and their world are reduced to incandescent ash. The ash is scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy where the devastation continues in a chain reaction. Billions of souls are lost in the holocaust. A conglomerate of these souls, all that remains of humanity, is invested in a bodiless  entity. For want of a better name, we will call him George. George is severely punished for his part in the devastation after which he is taken in hand by a God like entity who charges him with the formidable task of rebuilding the world and is given the tools with which to do it. The second part of the book deals with George's successes and failures.Will he succeed and will he do it right this time or do his successors have to repeat the cosmic experiment ad infinitum? Finally ... Is this about the past or the future. You the reader must decide ... or read the sequel.








Nelani Nettrour    

Soaring Free           Fantasy


From a world where flying was as normal as walking, where a thought could transport her, Arista was cast out. Memories of her true life are stolen from her. Exiled from all she held dear she is forced to start her life over on a world foreign to her. Newly born in that world, but not of it, she grows to womanhood. Glimpses of who she really is, what she has lost, slowly emerge in the most unexpected of ways. The first book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."


Arcan's Revenge           Fantasy


There are some things that can eat away at a soul until all that remains is darkness.  There are some emotions so black that Evil itself is awakened.  To fight against such forces might seem insurmountable, but that is what Arista must do. The second book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."


A Fatal Blow            Fantasy


Life has a way of twisting, shifting—altering even the most well formed plans.  Each is left struggling to find answers to questions they’d never dreamed they would have to face—choices of one, impacting the whole. The third book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."


Chantra's Awakening            Fantasy 


Chantra has left her childhood behind, but in so doing has lost touch with that which could save her in the coming days.


Cow's Milk           Children's Book


Ever wonder why we give our children cow's milk for breakfast rather than black coffee?  Well, there was this farmer, see ...


Anara Arrives           Children's Book


Travel back to the beginnings of Lamac. Travel to a world fresh from creation, to a place where the possibilities are as endless as the imagination. Visit a place where life is cherished and every child has a creature companion.


Birth of Takaira           Children's Book


Discover Flittaf, the birthplace of Takaira and many wondrous and unique creatures.  Journey back to a time before Takaira left her home world.  Learn what caused Takaira to leave everything she knew and seek out the unknown…


Calastapeas' Gathering           Children's Book


As with all privileges, there also comes responsibility, for both the child and the companion. Those who long for the connection they will never have, sometimes fail to realize the price that also comes with that connection. It is always easier to envy another when you don’t know the whole story, when you don’t know the sacrifices and you don’t pay the cost.


Welcoming Garcon           Children's Book


Garcon (pronounced Gär-\sōn) is the newest addition to my sister Karen and her husband Kevin’s family.  He is a beautiful white standard poodle puppy and everyone has fallen in love with him.  He has the air of royalty about him that the other dogs, and even us humans have come to accept as part of who he is.


Nunkey's Adventure           Children's Book


Nunkey lives on a wonderful world filled with creatures known and unknown to us.  As he goes on his adventures we will learn more about Nunkey, his world and those who inhabit that world.  Dragets are one of the smaller creatures of his world.  One of the advantages of being so small is Nunkey can catch rides on the larger creatures.  He notices things others may overlook, and his imagination sees potential where others fail to see it.  Since his joy is so boundless and infectious, he is always a pleasure to have around.


Nunkey's Adventure 2, Birth of Reekey           Children's Book


Nunkey, the draget, is pleased to announce the birth of his sister Reekey —smaller even than the small Nunkey.  Share this newest adventure with them.


The Ripple - Children's Book            Dragonlands, Book 1


A mysterious ripple… favorite colors…daydreaming…discover what all of these things have in common and how they affect two children from Earth.


Banshee - Children's Book           Dragonlands, Book 2


What happens to William and Dusty on the strange world of Dragon Lands when they enter a mysterious forest?  And to whom do those glowing eyes belong?  Enter at your own risk!


The Village - Children's Book           Dragonlands, Book 3


Finally leaving Banshee Bend behind, the weary travelers head for Usa’s village.  What awaits them there?  Will they find answers, or only more questions?


The Imagynairs of Jemmidar           Children's Book


Jemmidar is a world filled with unique creatures of amazing variety and unusual talents.

Come meet some of them.


The Imagynairs of Jemmidar, Book A           Children's Book


The Andree, Alleeo, and Alpeeka are different in many ways, but they share the ability to bring joy to the lives of those around them.


Jodi's Bugs           Children's Book  


Jodi’s understanding of nature and her love for bugs (especially the dotted kind) inspires her friends to take a closer look at what can be found within a simple walk.


Jodi and the Seasons           Children's Book


You have met Jodi and her friends in Jodi’s Bugs.  Now come along with Jodi, her family and her friends as they explore the diversity of the seasons.  Experience the unique joys of winter, spring, summer and fall with them.


Jodi's Garden           Children's Book 


As spring bursts forth, new friends arrive in Jodi’s town.  Not all are old enough to dig right in to gardening, but they lend their joy to the endeavors.  Come share in the adventures of creating a fabulous garden.


Dragonfly Flight           Children's Book


Come share the journey of a little dragonfly as he flies across the Northwoods, taking in the sights.


Steps           Poetry / Short Fiction


Sometimes we take baby steps, uncertain and needing of help.  Sometimes toddling steps—surer, yet still not confident.  Sometimes we take a giant step—leaping, bounding forward.  Sometimes we take a backward step, when we see we’ve taken a wrong path.  Sometimes our steps are joyous, running steps, when we feel we are barely touching the ground.  At times we drag our feet in sorrow, grief, loneliness, and uncertainty, when our feet feel leaden.  Sometimes we walk alone, sometimes with friends, family, our mate.  But all our life is filled with steps—forward, backward, or sideways, full of confidence or faltering.  Life is full of steps.


Pathways           Poetry / Short Fiction


When I first set out to write this second book of poetry and musings and a short story, I was hoping for a version of praise and joyful expectation.  I had included many of my poetry written in hardships and heartache in Steps.  I was hoping that I could be done with such struggles, for a time at least.  But some things have happened to me personally, and to our country, that has caused a change in many of the words of expression.


All About Krammer           Children's Book


Hi, I’m Krammer.  I am a Boston Terrier.  I live with a family of people.  Some have grown up and gone since I’ve moved in, but others are still here.  Mostly now there is Barry, otherwise known as the dad, Nelani, otherwise known as the mom, Heather and Autumn.  But sometimes the others return to visit, mostly Josh and Sam, but every now and then even Jasmine will show up.  Sometimes they bring others with them, and sometimes they come alone.


Meeshu's Keep           Children's Book


In a world where Dragon Guardians were increasingly misunderstood … where rumors persisted that terrible things happened to those who became Dragon Guardians, Meeshu never suspecting that choice would one day be made for him.


Angels in Training           Children's Book


The fight between good and evil is eternal and usually unseen by mere mortals.  Join the angels in training and you just may learn something.


Sun Griffins           Children's Book


The fight between good and evil is eternal and usually unseen by mere mortals.  Join the angels in training and you just may learn something.


Seek God, Book 1: Jesus, the Way           Children's Book


The path back to God was blocked by sin and disobedience. So God sent his Son Jesus, to become the way back to Him. Seek God and be found by Him.

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