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Living Naturally in the Northwoods: Volumes One and Two

Nelani Nettrour is a writer of fantasy novels, children's books, and poetry, who lives in Northern Wisconsin.


Fantasy Novels

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Soaring Free, 10th Anniversary Edition

Cow's Milk

Dragon Lands, Book One

The Ripple


Living Naturally in the Northwoods


Arcan's Revenge

Anara Arrives

Dragon Lands, Book Two





A Fatal Blow

Birth of Takaira

Dragon Lands, Book Three

The Village

Canvas Poetry Works


Chantra's Awakening

Calastapeas' Gathering

Dragon Lands, Book Four

Sun Griffins

Life's Garden


Nunkey's Adventures

Welcoming Garcon

Imagynairs of Jemmidar

Visions of 2011, Book 1


Nunkey's Adventures, Book 2

All About Krammer

Imagynairs of Jemmidar Book A

Dragonfly Flight


Meeshu's Keep

Angels in Training

Seek God, Book 1

Jodi's Bugs


Jodi and the Seasons

Jodi's Garden


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In The Soaring Free Trilogy, Nelani writes beautifully evocative tales of Arista, a woman from a world where flying is as usual as walking.  In Soaring Free she has been cast from that world and must make a new way for herself, with no memory of her other life, only vague stirrings that speak of what was lost.  The story continues in Arcanís Revenge, with Arcan taking on a forceful role in the circumstances of Arista and those she loves.  The trilogy finishes in A Fatal Blow, where things once thought certain have been shaken up and the outcome lies in unexpected hands.

In the Tales of Lamac series, the world of Lamac from The Soaring Free Trilogy is told from the beginning, though the lives of the children of Lamac, their families and their creature companions.  Some of those who would later appear in The Soaring Free Trilogy, as capable adults are first introduced as young children confronting their lives and the challenges of growing up and making the right choices.  These stories grew out the desire to fill in some of the missing background of Lamac and her people.

Steps is a montage of poetry, musings and the short story A Trespass in Time.  For those who are already enchanted with Nelaniís writing, it is one more avenue of her expression.  For others it is a taste of what awaits them once they begin to delve into her works.

 Cowís Milk is a light-hearted book with an answer for all those who wondered what ever possessed us to start drinking cowís milk in the first place.  You may have questioned this yourself, but Nelani has come up with an answer that just might surprise and entertain you at once.

These are just the beginning of Nelaniís writings.  Come back often and check out the new additions as they are added.

You may contact her at

Interested in reading more about Nelani Nettrour?  NOTE FROM NELANI.

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Nelani A. Nettrour

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