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Eray Oge, M.D.    

Counterclockwise - Science Fiction


Has science cracked the secret of human aging?  Are we on the brink of an era where it will be possible to buy back our youth?What would you pay to be twenty years old again?  Can you imagine a world where one-hundred-fifty-year-old "youngsters" are as fit and active as today's young adults?  There are several ongoing genetic research programs that seek the goal of extending human life to two centuries or longer.  Many of us will be able to take advantage of this phenomenal research in our own lifetime. COUNTERCLOCKWISE is the story of the quest for youth.  It is based on actual genetic research.  Although the story and characters are fictitious, the medical facts and hypotheses presented are very real.







Marion G. Otto

Hugh Harrington - Western Fiction


In the early nineteenth century, Hugh  Harrington set out to see America.  He took the Cumberland Trail from Maryland to Missouri, and then headed west along the Santa Fe trail to Utah.  During his long life, he was adopted by an Indian tribe, fought in the Mexican War and again in the Civil War.  Upon his return from battle, he settled down to raise a family, and instead founded a dynasty.


Texas Cavalcade - Western Fiction    


Texas Cavalcade is a dynastic novel of the Old West in the tradition of Louis L'Amour and James Warner Bellah, with enough action to satisfy any aficionado of the traditional western fiction genre.



The Ultimate Hero - Science Fiction


Sixty-five million years ago, a single rock struck the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.  It was a bad day for the thunder lizards, but a good day for the human race.  Without their destruction, it is unlikely our own species would have evolved.  Which brings up an interesting question.  Will tomorrow be a bad day for humanity, and a good day for the cockroaches?







I. Jean Pastula, Ph.D.     

The Irony of Tyranny - Contemporary


The ghost of Maryland's earliest Tyrants still loom over Odenton. One of the first settlements of our Ancestors. A mystery lingers, Tyrants turn our pages. The Irony of it all ?  You be the Judge.

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