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Game Design

You can write the greatest code in the world.

What are you going to code? Content.

Your drawings bring people to their knees.

What are you going to draw? Content.

Your business plans are marvels of money management. 

What are you going to buy?  Content.

Where do you get content?  You go to the people who have no choice but to deliver it.  You go to the board game designers.

Board game designers canít hide behind code.  There isnít any.

Board game designers canít hide behind fab animation.  There isnít any.

To deliver a great game, board game designers have no choice.

They must deliver content.

Contemporary Perspectives in Game Design delivers interviews with the peers of the game design community, the designers and publishers whose work defines excellence in game design.  From Costikyan to Nestel, from Besinque to Garfield to Seyfarth, Contemporary Perspectives in Game Design presents observations and insights from the men and women who design contemporary games.  Over 100 Discussion Problems based on the interviews support an academic course, leading students to deeper insights into the nature of the design, publishing, and use of modern board games.



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