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Nine Gees

Nine Gees...spanning medieval fantasy, space piracy, mentalic duels, aliens, classical theology, and the monster that hides under the bed.


Bringing a sinner back to God is virtuous. Or is it? Ask Camilla, she WHO SLAYS SATAN.

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Classic 20's scientifiction demanded that heroes use real science, not pseudoscience, a policy resumed after an 80-year DETOUR.


 The great Victorian detective and his dentist-companion save England by solving THE PUZZLE OF THE PEREGRINATING COACH.


From Airy Castles All Ablaze, the promised sequel to This Shining Sea, comes the epic ODE TO THE MOST GLORIOUS NAMESTONE.


Can master of mentalics Pamela Morgan stop murderers whose motives are literally INCONCEIVABLE?


Pamela Morgan returns. Will she or her foes burn when there is FIRE IN THE MORNING?


Revenge is a dish best served coldly, leaving NO TEARS FOR A PRINCESS.


The soul of heroism is courage, even if the heroine is the little girl down the lane rescuing her invisible playmate VICTORIA'S PERI.


Dissertation defenses are killers. For Adara and housemates, the killings are quite literal. From Of Breaking Waves, sequel to This Shining Sea and Airy Castles All Ablaze, comes ADARA'S TALE.


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