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George Pinneo

Bergmann's Interplanetary Venture           Science Fiction  


Bergmann's team comprised Bergmann Ventures, Inc.  The few humans of BVI were ready to return to the Moon; Guy vowed they'd stay this time!  They'd build a moonship to take people to the lunar surface as a 'day-trip', one of several benefits of having an orbitat at the Lagrangian Point, L5.  Their third ship, Moon Maid, would be a good step towards the design and fabrication of a marship, for Mars was the real prize. They would expand the BV1 orbitat along the long axis, adding BV2 to accommodate more people and businesses in preparation to move on outward where humans belonged.


Bergmann's Martian Venture            Science Fiction


Bergmann Ventures, Incorporated, has established a small colony just west of Candor Chasma on the edge of the Martian Equatorial Highlands. The colonists are supported by two mars spinships: Barsoomian and Ares. Their shuttle is the Banderat-built Accelerator; their second mars shuttle is under construction back on Earth. The Candor Cliffs settlement is thriving; Humans, Strivers, Banderat, Sayen and Een are represented; the second mars ship, Ares, has just brought out the first group of tourists, along with the senior Bergmanns and Jerezs and Raquel’s parents, the former President of the United States and his wife, L.A and Loretta Lasker. Kim is fascinated with a Martian nautilus she has named ‘Nicki’ who lives in the Candor Sea below Plains End.


Bergmann's Martian Colony            Science Fiction


Nicki, the leader of the group of native Martian nautili in Little Valley Creek, asks Guy to help protect her group from another clan of invading nautili she senses moving north along the shore of the Candor Sea. Guy has no desire to intervene in a nautili dispute. He knows the Concordat people will watch closely to see how he handles the request. It is the first Martian winter for the BVI colonists as snow falls at Candor Cliffs. The core team prepares to journey to Dengon’s Star aboard the Banderat starship Climber to take part in the Corcordat “Ingather” or “Circle Festival.” These Humans will be the first to participate in this interspecies Hub festival. Guy expects Kim to be the smallest and most effective Human ambassador there.


Bergmann's Sunrise Venture           Science Fiction  


Guy Bergmann, on a trip to the planet Sunrise, runs afoul of a Varandrie Lord named Anoth. When the smoke clears, he is in possession of Anoth’s lands, castle, starship and all his vassals, as well as those of another Varandrie lord. Returning to Mars, he finds the UN has taken control of the Martian Colony in his absence. Dislodging them requires more unpleasantness, which only ends when Bergmann returns to Earth to bell the tiger in its den. Once again, Bergmann discovers that a hero’s work is never done.




Arthur Rhodes

Return of the Rising Sun - Alternate History - World War II 


The year is 1964. The Second Battle of Guadalcanal rages in the South Pacific as the United States makes a bold attempt to free ten thousand Allied prisoners who have been languishing in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps since the disastrous defeat of 1950. Surely a modern navy, equipped with giant aircraft carriers and flying the latest jets, will prove more than a match for the undefeated Japanese Imperial Fleet.


It is a time of change. Germany has finally been defeated after decades of war. The Russians are expanding into Eastern Europe while the Japanese Secret Police wage a relentless unconventional war against America from the Pacific to Central America. Drug dealers are among their most lethal weapons ...

Return of the Rising Sun is the second book in Arthur Rhodes’ Alternative History of the Second World War.

 Come read how things might have gone differently.

The Last Reich - Alternate History - World War II



America 1960:  After nearly ten years under the control of the victorious Nazi regime, the United States is gripped by economic depression and mired in spiritual despair.  As the oppressed citizens plod through their grim reality of their day-to-day lives, there is a whisper of hope.  The underground movement -- a dauntless network of American patriots -- is preparing a major strike against the hated Blackshirt occupiers.  The weapons are different at the Second Battle of Lexington, but the courage is the same.


The Red Menace - Alternate History - Korean War



Against the backdrop of the Korean War, the FBI pursues the Nazi underground in America. There is a mighty fight in the Politburo for control of Russia.  The FBI closes in on Nazi and Russian fugitives.

The third book in Arthur Rhodes’s alternate history of World War II continues where its action-packed predecessors left off.


The Derby Day Murder Mystery - Alternate History - Vietnam War


The murder of the most famous child  in  America triggers an official response.  The  President  sends the FBI’s most famous team to  investigate. Unique in  style, they are as ruthless as the criminals they pursue.

The murder investigation takes place against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.



Invasion England 1917 - Alternate History - World War I  


A timeless mystery. The home fleet is destroyed at Scapa Flow, Scotland.   The Germans are poised to invade England, and evidence points to one of the five most important men in England as a traitor.



The Swiss Pikemen - Alternate History - Europe



The Swiss Pikemen is the alternate history of the actual invasion of Switzerland by the Austrians in the year 1386.



Invasion America 1918 - Alternate History - World War I  



INVASION! In late 1918, World War I is still raging in Europe and shows no sign of ending. Germany’s invasion of England the previous year has been repulsed, and the Kaiser seeks to open a new front in the hostilities. He finds that front in the Pacific, where he convinces his Japanese allies to attack the United States’ outpost at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Simultaneously, twenty-five thousand Japanese and German troops invade the Continental United States at Seattle, Washington.



Hitler's Spy - Alternate History



On May 27, 1942, a British-trained team of Czech partisans assassinated SS-Gruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher of Prague. On news of his death, Adolf Hitler ordered the village of Lidece burned and all males over the age of 16 killed in reprisal for the assassination. Decades later, a squad of U.S. Army Rangers are ambushed in Central America and killed because of the mysterious American who was Hitler’s Spy.

The two sets of deaths are related.






Les Rogers

Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs - Spirituality   


Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs is a fascinating spiritual memoir depicting the power of trust and how to stay positive through life’s trying and extraordinary experiences. This modern day “Wild West” adventure has a take on life’s occurrences that give deeper meaning to our existence than what meets the physical eye. The eight compelling true-life stories are a breath of fresh air, even when they leave you breathless. You will rediscover your soul all over again.








Jon Rominek

Heavens: Prometheus Unleashed - Science Fiction


When scientists discover radio signals emanating from a planet orbiting one of the stars in the Centauri System, the President of the United States orders Operation Bold Stroke, a mission to send a ship to investigate. The ship is the Prometheus, a colossally expensive gamble using unproven technology. The project is not the well-oiled machine much loved by writers of escapist fiction. The sponsoring nations balk at the cost, and crew selection falls prey to political infighting. Prometheus's commander is Glenn McCarran, a controversial choice, and not only because he is a convicted murderer pardoned by the President for the mission. The rest of the crew consists of a French scientist and two women, a Russian cosmonaut and an African-American astronaut -- none of whom trust each other or their captain. Then there is the ship's computer, a self-aware automaton with powers unknown to the human crewmembers and a personality of her own; a personality, it turns out, that is not completely honest.  Yet, with all of its shortcomings, the Prometheus mission is the most important exploration ever launched. For on its successful conclusion rests the future of the human race.

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