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Arthur Rhodes' novels are set in a history where things went seriously awry.  It is  a history where World War II lasted through 1950, and one where the victors spoke German and Japanese.  If you enjoy a good book with plenty of action and battles, this is the place for you.

Episodes in The Last Reich:

The author is a military history buff who welcomes e-mails from readers with suggestions, questions or critiques.   You may contact him at Arthur Rhodes, Alternate Historian.                                          

Return of the Rising Sun

The Last Reich

Invasion England 1917 /

 The Swiss Pikemen

The year is 1964.  The Second Battle of Guadalcanal rages in the South Pacific as the United States makes a bold attempt to free ten thousand Allied prisoners who have been languishing in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps since the disastrous defeat of 1950.  Surely a modern navy, equipped with giant aircraft carriers and flying the latest jets, will prove more than a match for the undefeated Japanese Imperial Fleet.

America 1960:  After nearly ten years under the control of the victorious Nazi regime, the United States is gripped by economic depression and mired in spiritual despair.  As the oppressed citizens plod through their grim reality of their day-to-day lives, there is a whisper of hope.  The underground movement -- a dauntless network of American patriots -- is preparing a major strike against the hated Blackshirt occupiers.  The weapons are different at the Second Battle of Lexington, but the courage is the same.

Invasion England 1917

A timeless mystery. The home fleet is destroyed at Scapa Flow, Scotland.   The Germans are poised to invade England, and evidence points to one of the five most important men in England as a traitor.

The Swiss Pikemen

The Swiss Pikemen is the alternate history of the actual invasion of Switzerland by the Austrians in the year 1386. 


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Invasion America 1918

Hitler's Spy

The Red Menace

The Derby Day Murder Mystery



 In late 1918, World War I is still raging in Europe and shows no sign of ending.  Germany’s invasion of England the previous year has been repulsed, and the Kaiser seeks to open a new front in the hostilities.

 He finds that front in the Pacific, where he convinces his Japanese allies to attack the United States’ outpost at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Simultaneously, twenty-five thousand Japanese and German troops invade the Continental United States at Seattle, Washington.


Hitler’s Spy

 On May 27, 1942, a British-trained team of Czech partisans assassinated SS-Gruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher of Prague.  On news of his death, Adolf Hitler ordered the village of Lidece burned and all males over the age of 16 killed in reprisal for the assassination. 

 Decades later, a squad of U.S. Army Rangers are ambushed in Central America and killed because of the mysterious American who was Hitler’s Spy.

 The two sets of deaths are related.


The Red Menace

Against the backdrop of the Korean War, the FBI pursues the Nazi underground in America. There is a mighty fight in the Politburo for control of Russia.  The FBI closes in on Nazi and Russian fugitives.

The Derby Day Murder Mystery

The murder of the most famous child  in  America triggers an official response.  The  President  sends the FBI’s most famous team to  investigate.  Unique in  style, they are as ruthless as the criminals they pursue.

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