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Les Rogers was born and raised in a rural farming community in southern Arizona, attended the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, majored in broadcasting and has worked in that industry since 1978. In addition to being an independent writer, producer and director, he has also served as Director of Photography for many syndicated television programs, including several popular paranormal programs such as Sightings and Encounters. He additionally works as a photojournalist for major news and sports networks throughout the world. His other diverse pursuits include public speaking, performing as voice talent for TV and radio productions and stand-up comedy.

Les now adds “author” to his repertoire. After surviving the third rollover accident of his life, he was inspired to write about a number of extraordinary experiences in his modern day “Wild West” adventure, Rollovers, Rattlesnakes & UFOs. His spiritual take on life’s occurrences give deeper meaning to our existence than what meets the physical eye. These stories have helped him help others when they have needed it most. 

In Les’s own words, “I live life to its fullest and am now inspired to help others see the fullness of their lives.”

He lives with his loving soul-partner and wife, Allyson, in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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