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Rusty Marshall enjoys photography, motorcycles, playing guitar, nature, writing, and annoying his grand children. 

He was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1947.  He still lives within twenty miles of Alexandria with his wife and high school sweetheart, Cora.  They have two grown children, and six grandchildren.

Graduating from Thomas A. Edison High School in Fairfax County Virginia in 1967, he was on the Dean's List for two years, and the Principle's "I'm Watching You," list for four years.

Rusty has had many careers, including draftsman, fire fighter, cross-country trucker, carpenter, bartender, photographer, musician, and author.  He started writing at the age of thirteen and has made a serious pursuit of writing within only the last two years.  He will be retiring to a life long dream of full time writing at the end of this year.  He has had his literary efforts published in several International magazines, including the November issue of "Biker" magazine, and "Motorcycle Tour And Cruiser" magazine.  He writes motorcycle articles, Sci-Fi, poetry, short stories, romance novels, and children's novels.  He is currently working on a series of children's mystical adventures entitled "The Adventures of the Thirteenth Realm."  

Rusty Marshall's online presence is and he enjoys hearing from his readers.


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