the watchers

The Da Vinci Code is a diversion, a subterfuge intended to deflect attention from an even more ancient secret -- an enigma first discovered by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and kept hidden for millennia by a secret society dating back more than four thousand years.  For all that time, the secret has remained safely hidden, guarded by its keepers.  However, human knowledge is not static and the dim outlines of that which was lost are even now dimly perceived on the frontiers of science.  For modern physics speaks of many universes composed of ten dimensions, each rolled up into its own subatomic space, isolated from all the others by a wall of impenetrable space-time.  Yet, the same experiments that describe these tiny self-contained universes also hint that a disastrous rip in the fabric of space-time is imminent, that the calamity prophesied by the ancient Ruler-Priests of the Upper and Lower Nile is about to come true.It is to prevent this calamity predicted by both pharaoh and physicist that the secret society was formed, and for which it has been waiting, watching, and preparing.  On the inevitable day when time contends with no time, when order turns to chaos, and when humanity totters on the brink of extinction, there will be but one organization equipped to save the world. 
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