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Dr. Stephen Taylor

Dr. Taylor's Thoughtless Weight-Loss - Health / Diet


A Diet For Everyone! There is a right nutritional regimen for humans, developed over the thousands of years of our creation and adaptation.  It does not require measuring and calorie counting, only an understanding of how the body works and what general quantities of foods you should eat. Once you understand this, weight loss and normal weight maintenance become automatic. When your body is fed the correct ratio of healthy fats to health carbohydrates to protein it loses weight automatically. Learn how to lose pounds and inches without fixating constantly on what you are eating.  And once the weight is off, you can keep it off through a sensible, natural lifestyle that is as fun as it is effective!







Abram Teplitskiy

Joy of Inventing for Everyone - Inventing


Inventions are all around us, so much so that most of us never question how it is that they exist in the first place.  Inventions are the product of inventors, those legendary descendents of Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell from whose fertile brains new ideas endlessly flow.  Yet, is the ability to invent limited to a few brilliant thinkers in each generation, or is it something anyone can do?  Joy of Inventing for Everyone shows you how you, too, can be an inventor.  All that is required is to identify a problem and come up with a solution using the simple techniques discussed in the book.  Inventing is not only profitable.  It is fun!  Why not give it a try?  The better mouse trap awaits the man or woman who can invent it.  Who knows, you just may become the next Bill Gates in the process







Howard R. Tippin

The Voice of the Moment - Science Fiction


The aliens came to the Earth to purchase water, the most precious substance in the universe.  That was all that was known about them, so humans called them Water Merchants.   To serve as their base of operations, the aliens erected a mighty tower in the Nevada desert.  The Earth Company soon built a city around the tower to facilitate commerce.  One day, an alien is found brutally murdered in the bowels of the city.  Phelan Rodgers, former colonel, United States Air Force, who once piloted the secret Black Raptor fighters back-engineered from alien technology, is chosen to help investigate the murder along with Earth Company Investigator Philip Sloane.  During the course of the investigation Phelan begins to suspect that Sloane has been sent out to help keep what the murdered alien was doing a secret, and has his own reasons for thwarting the investigation.  Phelan comes to believe that the aliens may have their own agenda for being on the Earth and now it is up to him to uncover the aliens’ secrets before it is too late…


Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler




Ethan Allen has been trained his entire life for a single mission. He is to be sent back in time to intercept a future assassin determined to murder a world-historical figure. To prepare himself he is cautioned to view the people with whom he comes into contact as mere ghosts of the past, inconsequential to his mission. In 2074, Ethan is sent back 160 years to Central Europe to the beginning of the first of two great world wars.  He is ordered to protect an obscure private in one of the contending armies, a figure so unprepossessing that it is difficult for Ethan to believe he will one day lead a nation. Despite his training, Allen quickly makes friends and comes to regard those around him as being as human as himself.  Moreover, he slowly learns the details of the private’s future life and it bothers him. He finds himself on the horns of a dilemma.  Should he abort the mission and save millions who would otherwise die? Or should he complete the mission, sacrifice millions, and ensure the future of his own world? oo late, he has discovered the fate of the private soldier whose name is Adolf Hitler!










There By The Grace Of God Go I - Poetry / True Crime


TOMMY is in prison.  He is serving a life sentence for homicide.  For thirty years he has lived in the soul-searing confines of an 8 x 10 cell, confronting his life-long failures and a fate most of us would find difficult to survive.  At the moment of his greatest despair, when he began to wonder if the world would have been better off without him, Tommy experienced an out-of-body vision.  He was literally snatched from within the blackened depths of his mind to stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, there to answer for his sins.  The experience left him profoundly changed. There By The Grace Of God Go I is a record of his story, told in poetry and prose.  It is up to the reader to decide whether this is but another story written by a convict who has been locked away for far too many years, or perhaps, Tommy has found a universal truth within his prison cell.


Whispers From My Field Of Dreams - Poetry


Whispers From My Field Of Dreams is a collection of love poetry unlike any other. In his poems, Tommy manages to capture the loneliness and longing that we all feel at some point in our lives, and to celebrate the loves of our life… wives, children, parents, lovers… in his own unique way.

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