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"My Clothes Were Falling Off Me,

And I Was Just -- Breathless!"

 "I couldn’t stop grinning into the mirror at my new shape. My new clothes looked terrific!

This was the first time in years that I dared to admit I liked the way I look. 

I can’t remember ever having this much energy. It took just 3-weeks to see the most Amazing Changes! 

Tonight I have another date with a very attractive “someone.” I know three months ago he would have never even looked at me! Now, I think he’s seriously interested! And the most amazing thing is…

 The Pounds Came Off Without Even Trying after I made a few simple changes that you can make too.”

 A Successful doctor in Practice over 25 years reveals, "Diets are exactly the wrong way to lose weight!" I'm going to explain to you why the doc says so, and tell you more about how to make your body turn into a fat burning machine. And it's soooo easy!

         I know – I KNOW! – after:       

·       all of these years of suffering,

·       and all the diet books,

·       all the diet television shows,         

·       magazine articles                                     

·       diet cards

·       canned weight loss drinks,

·       weight reduction foods,

·       and pre-prepared meals  …… ugggh!

 (Is being overweight natural?)

(Do You really think, "This is just the way I'm built."??)

Who could ever believe that a few simple changes in lifestyle and eating patterns could cause your body to lose weight naturally, and without effort? And really, after six weeks I had to buy more clothes because the old ones were “falling off me!”     

 I want you to know – for sureKnow that it can happen this way for you too. And now there is more good reason than ever to change your life and “skinny down” to the weight you should have. As you read every word of this letter you'll learn to become slimmer and younger, and you'll be glad you did.

 Have you noticed that even the doctors are fat? My former doctor was telling me to lose weight and lower my cholesterol and he’s getting bigger every year! Last year one of his golfing buddy doctors (a near vegetarian following all the standard “rules”) died suddenly of a heart attack just sitting on the couch! And he was young!

We have more cancer than ever, and then the report before summer of 2004 was that nearly one-third of the country is seriously overweight!

 Do these guys have any idea what they’re talking about?

  If they did we would have a healthy country. Instead we suffer through all the rules and end up with a “health care crisis.” And now French restaurant workers in Paris are calling US tourists "the fattest people on earth."

 (Is it natural to be the right weight?)

 Well my friend, I’ve suffered with those theories too and now just as I did, it’s time for you to say,   

 “I’m mad about this and

I’m not going to Suffer any more!”

 Good! I hope you said that real loud because here’s the truth. You don’t have to suffer any more at the hands of these crazy doctors with their loony theories about the right “diet” for this year. 

·       (Is being fat natural, or is it a sign of underlying illness?)

·       (Could it be that being slim is a naturally healthy condition that comes with healthy eating?)


You don’t need a “diet!” You need to return to a truly healthy “natural” eating lifestyle. When you do, your body naturally loses fat and becomes younger.

Take all of those books to the fireplace one winter evening and start a nice warm blaze with them, because I have found The Last “Diet” Book You’ll Ever Need. And d’you want to know WHY it’s the last one? It’s because,

It’s not a “diet” book!

The whole “diet concept” is wrong thinking! If you understand what fuel your body operates on efficiently you don’t have to follow “work-around-the-problem” diets. The problem and the solution are not about “calories” and not “carbohydrate grams.”  You just get comfortable eating the delicious things that have naturally been good for you since before recorded history, and you get slim and stay that way!

The natural human eating regimen combines fats, proteins, grains, beans, meat, nuts, fruit, vegetables, even whole grain bread! It tastes great. It’s satisfying at every meal. And you’ll feel good for hours and hours after eating. You won’t be hungry for snacks. You won’t be falling asleep at work. You’ll feel great and you’ll be comfortable ‘till the next meal time.

 Your cravings will be gone!!! Yes, gone because you’ll be feeding your body the natural “fuel” it was made to use and you’ll get off the "sugar and starch junk food Ferris wheel."

 No more of this

...."up and down, feel good, feel awful,

look better, look worse".... business!

No more finding out that 

your clothes won’t fit  like they once did.

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Home Testimonial 1 Testimonial 2 Testimonial 3


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