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The photo above is a candid shot of a section of one of our inventory shelves.  All of the books shown were manufactured in the Third Millennium Publishing production facility.  As of this writing, we have published 298 different book titles, almost all of which were produced in both electronic and trade paperback formats.


In addition to electronic copies in three formats (PDF, Kindle, IPAD), we produce books in black and white, full color, and in  5.25" x 8.00" and 8.00" x 10" size.  Our covers are full color and either laminated or coated with UV coating (the shiny surface you see in bookstores).


Our books are "trade paperbacks," that is, perfect bound (pages glued to the spine of the cover). The difference between a mass market paperback (the usual commercially printed form) and trade paperbacks is that the latter are usually larger in size and use higher quality paper.


Our production capability is designed for short print runs and while the cost per book is higher than what you can get from a standard subscription press, you don’t need to pay for a thousand books in advance before we will crank up our presses.  Authors typically order anywhere between 10 and 100 books at a time, and our minimum order is only one book!  That way, you keep your investment low while testing the commercial appeal of your masterpiece.  If your book becomes a runaway best seller, then it is time to talk to traditional subscription publishing houses about running off larger batches (and paying the $5,000-$10,000 up-front cost associated with traditional publishing).  If your sales exceed our capacity (which is growing all of the time), we will be pleased to assist you in obtaining the services of a higher volume printing house.  Remember, we are making money off your sales, too.


Speaking of money, does the $1.00 per book fee apply to Trade Paperback book sales as well as electronic book sales?


If we print Trade Paperback books for you, then there is no fee for their sale.  Actually, there is a fee, but it is already included in the wholesale price of the book.  If you already have a supply of books to sell or obtain them from some other source, then the $1.00 fee per book sold applies.  There is no requirement for you to use our publishing capability, but we would like to get paid for any services we provide to you.


Most people ask if the quality of Third Millennium Publishing's Trade Paperback books matches the quality of what they can buy in a bookstore.


No, it doesn't.  Our quality is better.  Our books are printed with dark black letters (600 DPI or 1200 DPI resolution) on bright-white (96-bright), 20-lb multipurpose copy paper.  Some of our books are printed on full color laser printers. Our covers are printed in full color on bright white stock and then laminated with a thick plastic film to make them both durable and beautiful, or covered with UV coating (just like the bookstores).


Following printing and lamination, we perfect bind them using hot glue applied by a commercial bookbinding machine (see the photo below) that insures strong bonds and square spines.  After binding, the books are trimmed on three sides to produce perfectly smooth edges.


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Return/Refund Policy: If you find any manufacturing defect in one of our books, we will replace it with a new book at no cost to you. If this is not possible for some reason, we will provide you with a full refund.