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Keith Willcock

The Magic of Healing - Spirituality


When our mind, our body or our spirit become unbalanced we need healing. Healing is required to restore that balance. As humans, there is a natural process of healing going on all the time.  If we overeat, for example, our body will let us know by giving us indigestion and then it will set about to the best of our ability to correct the problem. If we listen to our body and follow it’s directions, it will take care of the problem itself.  Other problems are more subtle. When we are depressed because we have lost a loved one, for example, we may need some outside help. to understand and accept the situation. The Magic of Healing is about you. It’s not about you as a category or a disorder, a success story or a failure. It doesn’t tell you what pill to take or even which expert to see.  It will help you know who you really are; why you are doing what you are doing; and why you suffer with whatever bothers you.  It will give you clear guidelines and suggestions for living your life more happily.  Come and see the powers the human spirit possesses to cure what ails us.  Come to The Magic of Healing.


The Mandala of Your Life - Spirituality 


 A mandala is a story without words. It is a symbolic picture of your life which can help you understand who you really are and what lies beneath the veneer of your day to day life.  From time immemorial mandalas have provided a form through which humans have recorded a history of their lives and their journey toward self realization Each mandala in this book invites you to step through a doorway into someone's inner world and share the wisdom that lies in the deepest part of their mandala of life. The author has over 20 years of experience in using mandalas as guides for healing the mind. Here he shares some of that experience and offers the reader an opportunity to better understand and use mandalas in their own life for healing, and well, just for fun.   As one student on the mandala path put it, "Mandala work took a tumor out of my head that said 'You're crazy!' and enabled me to step back and realize that  I'm not crazy at all. In fact I'm unique."







Don Zolo

Legion of Roots - Western


Seven flags have flown over Texas territory: the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, Texas Republic, Confederacy, United States, and Republic of the Rio Grande.  Blood of the conquering races mixed with the blood of Indians and created extended families with a variety of roots.  This story is about such a family who lived on the banks of the Rio Grande and left a turbulent legacy for a Texican named Dan Jarvis.  Dan left home as a boy and survived everything life brought his way, from fighting in the Civil War to scouting out west.  When a drought threatened his ranch home, he went back to Texas.  He won the fight against nature, but facing the conflicts within his extended family and standing up to murderous gold thieves would take all that even Dan Jarvis could muster.

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