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Legion of Roots

Laredo, Texas 1875


Seven flags have flown over Texas territory: the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, Texas Republic, Confederacy, United States, and Republic of the Rio Grande.  Blood of the conquering races mixed with the blood of Indians and created extended families with a variety of roots.  This story is about such a family who lived on the banks of the Rio Grande and left a turbulent legacy for a Texican named Dan Jarvis.

 Dan left home as a boy and survived everything life brought his way, from fighting in the Civil War to scouting out west.  When a drought threatened his ranch home, he went back to Texas.  He won the fight against nature, but facing the conflicts within his extended family and standing up to murderous gold thieves would take all that even Dan Jarvis could muster.

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Legion of Roots



Legion of Roots was first published as a conventional book with a real treasure hunt.  But the book is out of print and the real treasure hunt is not operational.  However, all the clues leading to the treasure are still in the book.  Some are on the cover, like the numbers on the ground to the right of the trail leading to the river.  More clues can be found by reading the novel and getting to know the characters.  They can help your determine where some valuable gold coins were hidden.  But always remember, that a dollar is worth more than a Mexican peso.  If you decide to take up the challenge and are successful in locating it, you will know that you are better at breaking codes than some CIA professionals who tried and failed to find the treasure.

 Please be advised that if you write the author to find out if you have been successful in locating where the treasure was, the author will answer queries only from registered buyers.  Queries should be mailed to

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