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George G. Pinneo

George Pinneo, an army-brat, lived in 4 states and 8 different locations during WW II and immediately after, before entering 4th grade. He grew up in Ohio, graduating from Case Institute of Technology with a BSChE in 1959.  The 47 years of his technical experience focused on microelectronic materials and process engineering including a successful semiconductor manufacturing start-up in Hollywood FL.  This author of several technical papers and holder of 7 patents, loves to hear the phrase: "you can't do that!" 

 Family vacations have taken the Pinneos from Alaska through Canada, Hawaii, into Mexico and the Caribbean, with 3 sojourns to Western Europe, enlivening their summers; they've visited 6 Canadian provinces, 11 Mexican estados and 49 of the 50 states.  He has no intention of visiting North Dakota!  They live up on Arizona's Mogollon Rim near the White Mountains.

 At the age of 55 he earned a private pilot's license and then built an all-metal, 2-seat experimental homebuilt airplane, which he enjoys 'refining'.  A memorable flight took him from Corona CA to Oshkosh WI: 1,700 miles each way, to visit the annual EAA fly-in.  Other hobbies include sailing, canoeing, snorkeling, and hiking.

 A glimpse into his notions of what constitutes "good science fiction" would include solid engineering principles based on hard scientific fact, sometimes extended in a linear manner to anticipate ongoing work not yet published.  Although they can be entertaining, magic and fantasy have no place in "hard" science fiction; they demonstrably don't work!

 In terms of philosophy, he believes books should teach: not only new words, sometimes very precise new words, but also examine new concepts.  "Good" science fiction should also be uplifting, positive; Bujold showed it could also be romantic in her "A Civil Campaign". 

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