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Vessels Unto Honor




In too much of modern life, people who claim to be religious are not living up to their responsibilities to God.  People who should be the Light and Salt of the World are bringing shame and disgrace to His church as they fail to live up to His commandments for us. It is His desire that whosoever be called by the name of the Lord shall be set apart, to be used by the Master as His instrument.  When everything a person says and does reflects honor to the Lord, that person can truly be said to be a Vessel Unto Honor.

We, as vessels, must strive to meet the standards put down by Jesus Christ at all times, either through ministry of the Word, through the administration of ordinances, or by some other duty that He has called upon us to perform in the expansion of His kingdom here on Earth.

That is the timely message of Vessels Unto Honor and one that will benefit all Christians everywhere.


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