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Meditations, Quotes and Affirmations

Compiled by Fitness & Life Coach, R. D. Cain, Meditations, Quotes and Affirmations is an aid to meditation.

Cain's interfaith background as a minister has given him a spirituality that embraces ideas that offer different perspectives and broader acceptance of humanity's strength, weaknesses, and foibles. Cain encourages the reader to embrace ideas and premises of a wide range of belief systems by encouraging individual thought and personal accountability.

In this book, he shares words of wisdom that inspire clarity and self awareness.  He makes you think, act, and ultimately, benefit, from the positive outlook that accompanies meditation and contemplation.

He invites you to meditate on the things you desire, to daily affirm that you are worhty of of all the gifts the Universe has to offer.  The book provides visual comfort through photographs and inspirational quotes, as well as providing space to record your own thoughts as you progress toward that higher plane that is only possibly through meditation.



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R. D. Cain

May 1, 2005 - May 1, 2007