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The Genellan Series, Book II

Genellan: Shadow of the Moon

Heart of Genellan

Hotshot pilot Sharl Buccari was a living legend. She and her crew of Survivors had established a foothold on Genellan—a beautiful new world, raw and unforgiving—becoming allies with the native cliff dwellers. Now the challenge was to engineer peace with the other advanced race inhabiting the same planetary system—the kones—and to build a colony for the children of humanity, including her own infant son.

But konish politics and xenophobia threatened to tear apart the fragile truce for which she had fought so hard. Worse, another mysterious race of aliens who twenty-five years earlier had massacred a human star fleet was back—and on the warpath.

Buccari had to choose. The other Survivors could take care of Genellan, and the cliff dwellers would take care of her child. But only Buccari held power over all three races of the Genellan system. Only Buccari could hope to unite them against a common—and deadly—foe… 

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