Philosophy For Teens: Ideas And Ideals


By Joseph A Grispino


Philosophy For Teens emphasizes logic (how to think critically) and ethics (how to live responsibly).  Never before has a high school graduate needed these two tools more urgently.

Forty-five of the nation's governors addressed the high school educational crisis at the first National Education Summit and demanded drastic changes.  Philosophy For Teens answers their demand because what good is a barrel of knowledge without a thinking spigot?

This textbook speaks in a conversational, non-technical style, in no need of a teacher's manual.  Of the 30 chapters, 15 discuss social issues, two amplify on logic and ethics respectively.

The author holds graduate degrees in philosophy, theology, biblical studies, and education.  Four of his books have been published.  His 30-year teaching career includes divinity schools, California State University at Northridge, and Chapman University.


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Joseph A. Grispino

July 15, 2005 - July 15, 2006