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Land of the Free?





The wars had been long and devastating.  A deafening silence fell over the land.  The small groups of survivors were at a time of decision.  Food and supplies were short, continued existence questionable.  Life was a nightmare, death a relief.

Reader Comments About TUSOA

"... received a copy of your book - TUSOA - Great reviews!!"
      Joshua - Alabama

"... just love it (TUSOA)! Very well written ... held my interest ... I could vision the terrain ... I especially liked the cleanness (no cursing or filthy language) ... looking forward to the next book!
     Patricia - Idaho

"... read it (TUSOA) in two afternoon sessions ... put it down to do housework and had to pick it right back up again ... loved it! Loved the words used."
     Rita - Nebraska

"... read your book (TUSOA) and I loved it! I can't wait until the next one is released!"
     Katy - Iowa

 The world is at peace and life is good.  Reverend Eon Marcus is blessed with a successful ministry.  Until…the snakelike tabloid reporter…met with the money-hungry clerk…an exchange of money for information is made… Everyone loves to hear about dirty politics, sordid affairs, and evangelists falling from grace. This exchange will affect the Ministry, Eon and his youngest rebel daughter, Esther.



 $4.95 Electronic Edition

 $12.95 Trade Paperback Edition


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